Thursday, June 23, 2005

Movie:Mr and Mrs Smith

nice flick. Fun but predictable

Book:The Diamond Age

Diamond Age

John Percival Hackworth is a nanotech engineer on the rise when he steals a copy of "A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" for his daughter Fiona. The primer is actually a super computer built with
nanotechnology that was designed to educate Lord Finkle-McGraw's daughter and to teach her how to think for herself in the stifling neo-Victorian society. But Hackworth loses the primer before he can give it to Fiona, and now the "book" has fallen into the hands of young Nell, an underprivileged girl whose life is about to change.

Good book overall. Loved the images of the the nano-tech appications. So far I have like Neal's books. But considering the time invested in reading those large paper-weights, his endings are less than stellar.

Book: The Time Travlers Wife

Audrey Niffenegger
Jonathan Cape


Just a few thoughts on the book

developement of a relationship out of time order
clever, yet sappy

Looks like they are gonna make a movie out of it

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Cabbage Diet

day 1 fruit-breakfast pinapple,watermelon lunch-pear soup dinner cantalope and soup
felt great

day 2 veggie- breakfast carrots,lunch soup,dinner yam with butter and soup
slight deminished brain capicty

day 3 fruit-breakfast grapefruid,strawberries,veggie dinner corn,peas,squash no soup
I realized that the peas and corn wasn't exactly on the diet a few hours after consumption.

day 4 banna-milk- breakfast smoothy lunch soup dinner smoothy ran out of soup
was a little weak around 5pm had smoothy at 630 felt much better.

day 5 meat-tomatoes- breakfast turkey breast slices, Lunch soup, Dinner steak and arugula salad

day 6. Weighed in at 212.5. All in all a successful week. I am happy with the results

Monday, June 13, 2005

iPhoto Rocks!

Thank you apple for making a less than talented graphic designer be able to produce such quality work. Combine a weeks worth of vaction photos, couple of bucks on itunes, and hour on iPhoto and iDVD and walla a very nice DVD I can send to the parents a 20 minute documentory on the beauty of their grandkids. Now if I just had an easy way to convert 8mm analog tapes into digital. I am looking into Eyetv. Others options are purchasing a mini-dv camera that provides a pass-through option or a analog-dv converter such as Datavideo DAC-100

Friday, June 10, 2005


Going to the movies last night was a struggle. I was in the mood for a pyscho thriller and there was just nothing showing could feed my hunger for excitment. So i ended up seeing a well made film,Crash. While a bit more reality than I prefer in my entertainment, I left the movie feeling angry that racism exists, but hopeful that my fellow man will strive to see people as individuals and not a sterotypes. Good show and worth seeing

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A new beginning

Today marks my entry into the blogsphere. It is my hope to improve my communication skills and possibly gain a little self discipline by providing daily nuggets of interest that happen to flow through my slow firing synapses.

Today , I think I have decided to dedicate the next 7 days of my life to a diet known as The cabbage soup diet I am moderately overweight and my wife and kids are out of town for the week, so why not loose a few pounds. Wish me luck!