Friday, June 17, 2005

The Cabbage Diet

day 1 fruit-breakfast pinapple,watermelon lunch-pear soup dinner cantalope and soup
felt great

day 2 veggie- breakfast carrots,lunch soup,dinner yam with butter and soup
slight deminished brain capicty

day 3 fruit-breakfast grapefruid,strawberries,veggie dinner corn,peas,squash no soup
I realized that the peas and corn wasn't exactly on the diet a few hours after consumption.

day 4 banna-milk- breakfast smoothy lunch soup dinner smoothy ran out of soup
was a little weak around 5pm had smoothy at 630 felt much better.

day 5 meat-tomatoes- breakfast turkey breast slices, Lunch soup, Dinner steak and arugula salad

day 6. Weighed in at 212.5. All in all a successful week. I am happy with the results

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