Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Introduction to Quantum mechanics

Why do i look at these things, I guess for some reason it makes me feel like i could become intelligent, its a cheap way to go back to school and remember what I am missing. I'll blog my progress through the class and we'll see how i do. Its better than watching tv and who knows maybe I can apply it someday. This instructor is quite good and I thought i would jot down a few notes to see If I could still grasp the concept

A concise version of the equation
`hat(H)\Psi = E\Psi`

an example operator function
`hat(H)=-(h^2)/(2m) d^2/dx2`

basically its an eigen type equation
operator function = constant*function

My calculus is abit weak but is comming back to me

Here is a link to the lecture

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lips said...

Where you at? I was looking forward to my next lesson in quantum blah-blah. Hope you all are doing great!