Saturday, August 26, 2006

This is a quick document to record my adventure with the Hotter than Hell(HTH)2006.

Departed for Wichita Falls from my home in cedar park
had a foot long turkey breast club at subway in Stephenville texas at 1pm
3:30 106F
arrived at wichita falls. Drove in right beside Ernie
signed up for our lodging a the YMCA(add link for location). A luxurious corner of racquetball court number 5. The a/c was set at 70 so it was very nice
went for packet pickup. waited in line for about 20 minutes. packets where organized by the number. 11900 numbers for the ride
ate 2 big plates of thick spaghetti. sauce was a little too sweet. Large room lots of people. Bought water bottle, air pump, biking shorts and socks
8:00 101F
find out my youngest is sick and start to worry about logistics of my departure from witchita
lights out!
floor started to get hard I was wishing I had a camping pad
noticed the a/c was off. only shortly. but the heat was building
anxious about the ride
first guy in our room gets up for the day
ernie and I get up eat a bagel. I have small cliff bar and 3 "male power" pills, 2 advil, and 1 B complex vitamin
we are in line and ready to go. we are about 20 row's from the front. we sit and wait
talk to my honey on the phone and get a nice pep talk. youngest is ok so the wife is gonna make the trek
7:12 81F
flyover and cannon fires. The ride begins. Kinda scooteed the bike for a little bit before finallly getting off. Bikers for as far as the eye could see. Started heading down scott street and our first slowdown began at the bridge over the railroad tracks outside of time. I settled into a nice easy 18Mph pace.

(*Need to update the exact times from the GPS)

Passed rest stop 1 and was feeling good. my heart rate was an easy 145bpm. Iowa park was a small little town. Nice place. Lots of locals out watching the riders. The roads where "owned" by the cyclists.

ride came to a hault just prior to rest stop 2. I think there was a collision. meandered through rest stop and kept on pounding. I'm feeling pretty good at this point so i bump my speed up a bit. I am cruising between 25 and 30 mph all the way to electra. Had a tail wind. I was worried about the "hill" that was supposed to be on that road. I never noticed it. i was relieved when I got to electra. heart rate got up to 159. Probably a little high.

8:59 am mile 31
rest stop 3. I stopped and watered up. ate a cookie. filled up with red gatorade and water. had power gel #1. Got on the bike and it felt like a new ride. My legs felt great and I was off. 30 miles down.

got passed by the first (david the dell dude i think)CFC rider. He yelled to join up. Their train was moving. I thought about trying to keep up but kept telling myself. This is my ride. Listen to the body.

lance from cfc road with me for a while. had a nice chat then he went on ahead.

I passed up stop 4. The road was new on the backside and a little rough.

10:15am mile 53
Stopped at stop 5. drank a blue gatorade and just watered up. eat power gel #2. Set in the shade for a couple of minutes. washed off with a cold rag and hit the road.

the wind was noticeable at the i44 turn prior to hells gate. I was wanting to draft behind the vignette group. They where about the right speed, but i never did catch up

passed up rest stop 6.

10:45am mile 60 Hells Gate
yeah made hells gate by 10:30am found out later that they closed it early at 11:10 because of "record' heat". I new at that point that i was going to finish this ride. The wife called had phone difficulty. Another CFC rider(the guy that lives at riverplace) passed me an checked up on me.

there where a couple of small hills that where getting pretty tough after hells gate. Starting to feel a little fatigued at this point.

11:22am mile 68
Stopped at stop 7 lady held my bike up to prevent "stickers". I ate some oranages and got some more ice water. Started to become aware of the heat

road with the wind for a while.

11:42am mile 72
Stopped to to call darla. left voice mail. CFC called out and asked if i was ok.

11:59am mile 77
Stopped at stop 8 rested in the shade. had power gel #3. Sat on rocks in shaded oak tree area. Got sprayed down and head out. 25 miles to go. I am feeling ok. This is gonna be alright

Make the turn ouch wind. ugh please find someone to draft. No luck. I've ridden in worse, I can do this.

Bam. mile 80 oh my god, my right leg starts cramping. I wonder if i am going to be able to finish. I unclip in wiggle but keep on going. I am traveling at about 8mph and starting to get really hot.

12:41pm mile 84
I skip stop 9, i stop and chat with cfc rider(bob i think) but i am scared to get off the bike thinking my legs will cramp and i won't be able to start again.

Just keeps getting hotter and my legs get weaker. I start to climb a hill and i see a camper ahead. I think, thank you i need this stop. I finally make it to the top and find out it is just a medical stop.

1:09pm mile 88
I lay on the ground for about 5 minutes in the sun. I notice a chair in the shade so i go over and sit in that chair. They say this site doesn't have any water. The medic goes to the next stop and gets us some water. That is a life saver. I talk to darla on the phone. I talk to ernie on the phone. I tell them i am going to make it. I sit for a little longer. I was probably at that site for 45 minutes. We are four miles from rest stop 10. I have a nice visit with other exhausted riders. I love how real people are when they meet the point of utter exhaustion. It is a good chance to see their true colors. I finally build up the mo and go for it. I had a cloud cover for most of that trip to the next rest stop. No cramping and it seemed pretty quick.

1:51pm mile 91
rest stop 10. I take 2 ice towels. and drink some pickle juice and get a little more ice water

get sprayed by water a bit from rest stop 11
feels great.

2:18pm mile 97
stop at rest stop 11. shouldn't have stopped. the spray would've lasted longer if i had kept goint. get more water and ice towels. Man is it hot. 4 more miles

pass the beer stop and head into town. i can feel every press of the pedal. the heat is really starting to get to me. I pass 100 on my odometer.

2:33pm mile 98
101 i have to stop got a towel wrapped in my rear derailleur. I can see downtown. I am almost crying. I am so greatful darla is going to be there. Then i see the overpass. Oh my how can i make that climb. I gear down all the way and just spin. pound pound pound. I am amazed I am not cramping. I reach the summit and start to coast down. Ahhh, I am going to make it. I thinking at this point I'll be able to coast all the way in. Wrong!. I have to turn down a couple of streets. Oh where is that finish line. Please let this end. I start to look for the finish line. I see it. I am almost crying again. I don't cry. Such a bizarre emotional time right now. I first see my friend travis. Then i see darla and ernie. I smile for the camera and finish up strong. The announcer(kid craddock) askes how i am doing and i shake my head. I pull over and sit in the first shade that i find. i very nice black lady fans me. She is so pleasant. I thanked her over and over. I thank you again if you read this.

Total Time (h:m:s)8:04:444:45 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s)
3:48 pace
Distance (mi)

Moving Speed(mph)
15.7 avg
31.0 max
Elevation Gain
+2,148 / -2,085
93.6 F Avg
111 F Max(on the bank)
Wind Speed(mph)
S 12.3 avg
S 13.8 max
So I did it! It was the most physically grueling thing i have ever done. I don't know if it is grasping at my departing youth. I just had to finish, I could not quit. i am still emotional about the completion. Thank you darla and ernie for giving me the time to train for this accomplishment. I didn't save the world. I didn't make national news. But i did ride 100 miles in one day. I have a good life,a good family, and some good friends.

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