Friday, February 01, 2008

Day1: Today I am a vegetarian

For the next 29 days, my wife and I will attempt to be vegetarian with our primary focus being on exploring heart healthy options. We are going to allow eggs and fish, so a neophyte vegetarian at best. The idea behind this adventure is to force us to try new foods and new food combinations. We hope to discover new proteins to augment and enhance our current regimen. Wish us luck!

I am going to weigh myself on Saturdays to see if this diet has any effect, look out J 195 here I come. At the completion of this month, I am going to get a full blood work and hopefully my cholesterol numbers will go down. when I checked in November the LDL's where 118(shooting for <100) and the HDL's as 39(shooting for >45)

Today's foods..

egg and spinach quiche

Mediterranean wrap(red bell peppers, whole grain tortilla, pine nuts, hummus, spinach and zucchini)

1 Large Grapefruit
1 handful raw almonds
1 large chi tea(milk and tea/spices)

I am just coming off an upset stomach so the true test will come when my appetite returns.

I am inspired to blog this adventure after reading Meredith's fabulous journal on her adventures in the raw foods realm. Check it out for yourself at blogspot .

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